Folding@Home Project - Long-Term Team Points Production Chart Race!
Dans les commentaires, Jason précise :
Citation :I'll have to look through all my backups and archives, I might be able to find some even older team data!
If there is enough interest in these I would be happy to make more, perhaps generate charts for the top individuals... Or top members within a team.
Citation :Earlier today I found some old archived DB backups from 2012, so chances are good that I might be able to dig up a few more years worth of data.
Citation :
Citation :I really enjoyed this, thanks for making it. I'd like to suggest a future chart could contain a list of teams, ranked, but by monthly output, rather than total score. it may be interesting to see how the top folders have increased/decreased total output over time.
Excellent suggestion! I will have to give that a trial run to see how those numbers turn out visually!

Personne de l'AF pour lui mettre un comm sympa ?
j'ai fait don de mon core à la science...

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